FtD 2.4.3

Update 2.4.3

Decided to fire up FtD since the latest AI changes sounded intriguing. Instead, I ended up trying out my old scripts to see how broken they were.

I haven't visited the forums yet to figure out what's changed (I normally diff the decompiled LuaBindings instead). All in all, my scripts weren't that broken...

  • My heavy reliance on I.AIMode meant that pretty much all my scripts could no longer determine when they were supposed to activate. Easy to fix (just use the new methods) but tedious...
  • Inexplicably (though probably due to whatever Lua binding generator they use), arrays were no longer mapped to vanilla Lua tables. This caused issues with pairs & ipairs. Easy to fix, but hard to find. Especially since Lua errors no longer show up in the scripting log area.

Aside from that, the various physics/block changes cause issues with my old designs. Missiles aren't as maneuverable. Nor do they go as far. And they also require far more ammo than before. But AI behaviors, control systems, and cannons still seem to work fine.

Back to the drawing board with many of my old compact drone designs, I guess.