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  1. FtD Modding

    Adventures in Modding

    Due to some other games, I recently (like within the past 2-3 weeks) became interested in Unity Engine modding via injection. First by using IPA and then finally by using BepInEx. At first, I made a (heroic, I thought) attempt trying to add rudimentary VR support (by …

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  2. Withdrawal

    I know I'm as irrelevant as any other random internet stranger, but I decided to pull all of my From the Depths workshop content and as well as all (non-script) Space Engineers workshop stuff.

    1. My posted FtD stuff is pretty much all Lua-driven and I'm too lazy to update them …
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  3. FtD 2.4.3

    Update 2.4.3

    Decided to fire up FtD since the latest AI changes sounded intriguing. Instead, I ended up trying out my old scripts to see how broken they were.

    I haven't visited the forums yet to figure out what's changed (I normally diff the decompiled LuaBindings instead). All …

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  4. Just Testing


    Instead of uploading my scripts one-by-one to GitHub Gist, I think I'll just host them myself.

    In the case of Space Engineers, I'll update the workshop version of my scripts whenever the changes hit stable. But yeah, I don't play that game that much anymore.

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