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  1. FtD Modding

    Adventures in Modding

    Due to some other games, I recently (like within the past 2-3 weeks) became interested in Unity Engine modding via injection. First by using IPA and then finally by using BepInEx. At first, I made a (heroic, I thought) attempt trying to add rudimentary VR support (by …

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  2. Withdrawal

    I know I'm as irrelevant as any other random internet stranger, but I decided to pull all of my From the Depths workshop content and as well as all (non-script) Space Engineers workshop stuff.

    1. My posted FtD stuff is pretty much all Lua-driven and I'm too lazy to update them …
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  3. FtD 2.4.3

    Update 2.4.3

    Decided to fire up FtD since the latest AI changes sounded intriguing. Instead, I ended up trying out my old scripts to see how broken they were.

    I haven't visited the forums yet to figure out what's changed (I normally diff the decompiled LuaBindings instead). All …

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  4. Development SE Scripts

    If and when Keen decides to break things in the DEV branch, and if I'm motivated enough to fix them ahead of time (before the changes hit STABLE), you can find the fixed DEV scripts below.

    Multi-Feature Scripts

    These are usually combo scripts that manage multiple systems.

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  5. Just Testing


    Instead of uploading my scripts one-by-one to GitHub Gist, I think I'll just host them myself.

    In the case of Space Engineers, I'll update the workshop version of my scripts whenever the changes hit stable. But yeah, I don't play that game that much anymore.

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