I know I'm as irrelevant as any other random internet stranger, but I decided to pull all of my From the Depths workshop content and as well as all (non-script) Space Engineers workshop stuff.

  1. My posted FtD stuff is pretty much all Lua-driven and I'm too lazy to update them. Additionally, the material costs are wildly different now, invalidating the cheap/minimalist purpose of most of my designs.
  2. Pretty much the same with my Space Engineers stuff. My scripts are up-to-date and functional, but I've no motivation to update any associated ships.

I also decided to make the respective Github repos private.

It may be my paranoia (or narcissism, I guess), but I often see work by other creators that parallels my own. I don't write simple scripts — my stuff is often highly modular and behind a billion layers of abstraction (good or bad). So seeing the inspiration is sometimes a bit obvious.

Blah blah blah, drama.


Whenever I build something interesting, my first instinct is to share it. But maybe not anymore?